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The Foundation Rehabilitation Centre Home of Hope is cooperating with the University of  Windesheim, Zwolle, the University of Utrecht, the University of  Fontys Eindhoven and The University of The Hague. Students of Psychomotor-therapy (PMT), Cesar-therapy, Physiotherapy, Movement-technology en Speech-therapy may internship at one of the institutions.
You can stay at the volunteers house of HOH. If possible you will have your own room. You share a shower and toilet with two/three students. And there is shared kitchen and living room. And a large outside terras.
For more information on internships:
Hogeschool Windesheim Zwolle and look at Minor Sport for Therapy and Empowerment
Hogeschool Utrecht
Hogeschool Fontys Eindhoven
Haagse Hoge School
Information for students
As a student you require a Residence Visa. This is a visa for staying for a longer period. The internship will apply for the visa in Sri Lanka. The required data needs to be supplied by the student. The visa must be required (minimum) three months) in advance.
After approval of the Immigration Service of Sri Lanka you can pick up the visa (duration one month) clearance at the Embassy of Sri Lanka in The Hague.
Within a month after arrival, you need to extend this temporary visa for the entire training period.
Would you like to volunteer at the Rehabilitation Centre Home of Hope, in the area of health care, please contact
Mrs.José van Nunspeet M: +31621275175
The organization uses a code of conduct for supervisors, such as the Code of Conduct as NOV which is prepared for in safe hands.
For more information:
This includes applying for a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG) and the signing of an Agreement Volunteers.
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