De Stichting


“One drop in the ocean is just a drop…
                                 and the ocean is filled with drops”

                                                                         Mother Theresa

During the 30 years of civil war much suffering has been inflicted on the people of Sri Lanka. Since 2009 the war is over.
José van Nunspeet has been involved in several projects in Sri Lanka since 2008. Initially José was involved in projects in several places in Sri Lanka. Since four years she found her permanent place at the Home of Hope. Hence, the name was changed to Foundation Rehabilitation Centre Home of Hope.
Because of her background as Haptotherapeut and Physiotherapist José is committed to various projects. Always with the thought in the back of our minds; we will bring more drops to the ocean.
We hope you will also want to connect to our foundation. You can help us to bring more drops to the ocean. Drops of well being. Life satisfaction and personal happiness for the people (with disabilities) in Sri Lanka.
We currently are committed to the following projects:

  • Home of Hope Rehabilitation Centre
  • Microfinance
  • Internship places for healthcare students

José van Nunspeet, (haptotherapist/ physiotherapist),chairman

Monica Pelser, (physiotherapist, specialized in children.)

Eva Schutte, (lawyer), secretary)

Bob Hofland, (Financial Management), treasurer