Home of Hope Kinderhuis

You can’t change the world, but you can change the world of a child!

Home of Hope is an organization that cares for children without prospects for the future.
Between 1983 and 2009 the Tamils and Sinhalese fought a war. During this civil war the orphanage took special care of the children victims
DSC_6379Now it’s a place for children whose parents are unable to take care for them.
On 31 acres of land a real children’s village is located with room for 90 children. This number is still growing. Residents live in groups of up to ten children with guidance, each group in their own home. Within these groups they live, as much as possible, as a normal family.
The children grow up in an environment where they can be children again. They get healthy food and a save and stable home with loving guidance and a good education.DSC_1268
There’re possibilities to play sports, have music lessons and study English. The children have safe and permanent home, so they will have lots of prospects for the future.
Residents around the Home of Hope can also take advantage of the opportunities of the children’s home. DSC_5497There is a library, a (para) medical facility, a carpenter, a batik space and a computer centre they can use.
The residential children work on a garden project. There’s a greenhouse and all sorts of fruit trees and vegetables  have been planted. In the future the home would like to be self-sufficient with this garden.
Aflfi en Sharmini Oerera
Alfi and Sharmini Perera are the proud and inspiring directors of Home of Hope.
Thanks to their dedication and love the children have a real home.
They are financially supported from the Netherlands by the foundation Are & Bee Connections with Rebecca Bijker as driving force behind the foundation.