Rehabilitation Centre Home of Hope

Aflfi en Sharmini OereraIn 2011 Alfy and Sharmini Perera decided to expand their children’s home, Home of Hope with a Rehabilitation Centre. This center started helping children with a mental or physical disability. Physiotherapy wasn’t available in this area of Sri Lanka, especially for poor people. Because of shame and ignorance these children with various disabilities were kept hidden from the outside world.
Now, over 400 children are treated every month. These children live in the area around Home of Hope. They receive Physiotherapy, Psychomotor-therapy (PMT) or Movement-therapy, Speech-therapy and Hydrotherapy.   Rehabilitation Centre HoH features its own swimming pool.
This is unique for the area.
A second building  is realized, specialized for Psychomotor-therapy,  Speech-therapy and therapy with snoezelen or controlled multi sensory environment and a special area for autistic children. Outside there is a Walking-trainig Center, for specific walking training  and related exercises.

Children with an autistic disorder are new in the Rehabilitation Centre.
And there are virtually no other places in Sri Lanka where autistic children can get treatment.